Juice Me Healthy  

    I am a health junkie. I frequently invent my own healthy juice concoctions; each comes with different health benefits. My staple recipe for an instant energy boost consists of a blend of wheatgrass, lemon, cranberry, and pineapple.

    A glass of fresh juice as a substitute for coffee in the morning is the ultimate pick-me-up. My juicer eventually worn out from daily use and I took advantage of the current sales and purchased the best juicer available on the market which i have read the juicer reviews before. 

    Upgrading from a centrifugal juicer certainly has its perks. I was delighted at the multi-purpose functions of the powerful, new juicing machine. Besides the basic function of juicing fruits and vegetable, it also grinds coffee beans, grains, and assorted nuts. It does an excellent job in extracting juice, leaving a dry pulp for minimum wastage. To top it all, the new twin-gear juicer operates quietly as opposed to the old one. Immensely pleased with my purchase, I juice twice instead of once a day now.


The Grab and Go Best Coffee Maker      

    I have always been addicted to a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning to stay fresh but when my coffee maker started to go berserk so did I and I knew it was time to get a new one. Looking for a new coffee maker is not a problem but finding the best coffee maker is, but by reading the coffee maker reviews would help you a lot in choosing the best coffee maker.

    There were many types to choose from but finally I found one that I interests me. This new coffee maker is not the most fanciful but I felt it could serve me well since. I am always busy and on the run especially every morning. It brews coffee quickly which goes well directly into my travelling mug and all I have to do is just bring it with me once it is ready.

    It is inexpensive and saves space and cost efficient too since it has a permanent built in filter. Unlike my old coffee maker this one really does the job and now I do not have to worry anymore, with my best coffee maker I just grab and go whenever I want.